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This site is our general family site. My Sis and her husband have their business "Yreka Pump Company", and NOW a NEW Store! Duck Prairie Goods. Handmade & Homegrown. And they still have their marble collection. There is info here about my trip to China, and a LOT of other info. (Though I have been here in China so long now it's not "new" so I don't update anything here anymore). If anyone has any similar interests, get in touch.

 I see lots of stuff around here in China all the time at reasonable prices, so I keep thinking that maybe someone back there in the states might like some of it. So I will start posting it here when I think of something. But of course if you think of something you want, PLEASE send me a message and ask. Thanks Ed 

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    Handmade & Homegrown
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    All photos I took myself. The pumps I scanned in off of their business card.
    These gif images, and the bars on the pump page are freeware from sites such as

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